LASER tightening

Minimally invasive laser therapy for fat cell reduction and body contouring/tightening

Lipödem OP Behandlung

Many women affected by lipoedema are very concerned that their skin could "hang" too much as a result of the liposuction. This is exactly where the so-called laser tightening comes into play.

What is LASER tightening?

This is a minimally invasive therapy for gentle body contouring/tightening without additional scars. It is an additional option directly after your WAL (Water Jet Assisted Liposuction).

Due to the thermal effect of the laser, the skin gradually lies flat against its newly modeled foundation. This condition is difficult to achieve with traditional liposuction.

Because adult fat cells do not reproduce in the treated areas, the result is permanent - both in terms of fat tissue reduction (using WAL) and body shape optimization (using laser).

LASER tightening with the LEONARDO® High Power Diode Laser is therefore ideal for use in lipoedema. The laser energy induces a contraction of the skin and the formation of new collagen, which then leads to an optimal tightening of the skin.

Because the procedure is performed immediately after the WAL, the same surgical approach can be used. After the treatment, the laser entry points are not sewn, but only covered with a narrow strip of plaster.

Which areas can be treated with LASER tightening?

The following areas can be treated with LASER tightening as part of lipoedema:

  • Thighs and lower legs
  • Upper and lower arm

What are the advantages of LASER tightening?

  • Skin tightening effect
  • Reduced risk of skin imperfections
  • No additional scars

The accompanying laser-induced sclerotherapy of the small blood vessels favors the postoperative course. Pain, bruising and swelling are less than with liposuction alone.

Lipödem OP Behandlung

Information on treatment as part of lipoedema surgery

Surgery duration: additional approx. 60 minutes, depending on the region
Anesthesia: see Lipoedema OP
Stay: see Lipoedema OP
After treatment: Additional cooling for 1-2 days, avoidance of sports, sauna, heat for 4 weeks
Costs: from 1500 € (for diagnosis of lipoedema)
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