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Fachärzte der Lipo-Klinik Berlin

LipoKlinik Berlin

Rykestraße 50
10405 Berlin

Telefon: +49 3303 513 4000 0

LipoKlinik Birkenwerder

Hubertusstraße 22
16547 Birkenwerder

Telefon: +49 3303 513 4000 0

Location LipoKlinik Berlin

At the Berlin Prenzlauer Berg location, affiliated with Natural Aesthetics Berlin, we can give you detailed advice on the subject of lipedema.

Location LipoKlinik Birkenwerder

At the Birkenwerder location, affiliated to the Park Clinic Birkenwerder, we offer you, in addition to detailed advice on the subject of lipedema, the opportunity to have all the necessary interventions carried out.